Products with a social and environmental value

These products respond to trends linked to the evolution in the composition of households, to the loss of purchasing power of the most vulnerable sections of the population, to unemployment and job insecurity, and to the growing impact of climate change.

As part of the insurance solutions in the Non-Life business, the following can be emphasised as having a special social and environmental significance:

Diritti umani e lavoro

Safeguarding of purchasing power (with payments by monthly instalment at no additional charge, extended to all products, including Life products and those for SMEs, and the guarantees SalvaBenessere [save your welfare] and SalvaPremio [save your premium])

Tutela ambientale

Integration with public welfare (with Sickness Business and some guarantees in the Accident Insurance Business, such as the Comatose State Guarantee)

Correttezza e trasparenza

Support for new players in the world of work (with the products Attività Smart, in particular the offer for start-ups and new V.A.T. number holders

Corrette pratiche di business

Solutions designed to support the adaptation to climate change (for example with the parametric guarantee “SalvaStagione” (save the season), products to protect photovoltaic systems from weather and climate events, coverage against climate events for the farming industry)

Pari opportunità

Restoration of the initial condition (guarantees for floods and earthquakes, specific compensation not in cash for companies)

Integrazione della sostenibilità

Coverage for environmental liability, which protects from damage due either to accidental or gradual pollution, and compensates damage to third parties resulting from pollution and the relevant remediation and restoration

The key feature of the Group's range of services is the social security and integrated social and health care model, created through the over 64,000 social and health care facilities that have partnered with UniSalute in Italy and abroad and through the insurance and non-insurance health care services provided by UniSalute Servizi, a SiSalute division. Among these, flexible benefits, SiSalute Card and MONITOR SALUTE®, a monitoring service of chronic diseases that, using specific devices, detects and sends parameters in real time to the UniSalute Operations Centre, where specialist doctors and nurses continually monitor them, should be noted. Again in the health care sector, UnipolSai, through UniSalute, provides assistance services in the event of non-self-sufficiency and for post-hospitalisation, providing for personalised management of high-quality health care paths and medical advice.

In the Life business, UnipolSai plays an important role in all supplemental pension schemes for employees and non-employees. In the Savings range, UnipolSai Giovane and Grande!, an Arca Life and savings policy designed to facilitate the gradual accrual of amounts to meet future study costs or a child's / grandchild's starting up of a business should be noted.

Again in the Life Business, as part of the Life protection policies, UnipolSai Autonomia policies at low cost hold a special value, with LTC extendable beyond 70 years without health checks, as well as LTC Orizzonte and Sistema Salute policies of Arca created from the collaboration with UniSalute, which give customers the chance to take advantage of health care services at partner facilities.

UnipolSai provides TCM coverage for single-income families up to Euro 30 thousand with UnipolSai Smart, while My Family Smart policies stand in the Arca range of products, TCM with a constant annual premium of Euro 180, set beforehand regardless of the age of the insured, and the product Arca 3 for you for non-EU citizens. The product provides for death and permanent disability coverage against accidents supplemented by a significant assistance package that in addition to the repatriation of the body to the insured's native country also provides other guarantees including the advice of an interpreter/mediator for explanations related to the product.