The Unipol Group is the top company in Italy in the Auto business, with approximately 9 million motor insurance policies; mobility is therefore an area in which the Group can have a particularly significant impact.

The main lever for creating shared value in this field is telematics, of which Unipol is the European leader with over 4 million Unibox black boxes installed in its customers' motor vehicles.

Thanks to the wide diffusion of telematics devices, Unipol generates social value making it possible to better understand risk in the areas in which cars equipped with these devices travel. The accurate mapping of traffic trends generated by cars equipped with a black box allows Unipol not only to calculate balanced prices with respect to the risk profile, but also to locate more efficient servicing centres and to have a greater knowledge of the areas where routes deemed critical in terms of traffic can be identified. The use of telematics therefore generates benefits for the Group, the customers, and the community, such as for example:

  • deterrence of fraudulent behaviour, which has a negative impact on all policyholders, leading to higher rates;
  • increased safety in case of accident, with immediate assistance by sending a tow truck, where appropriate;
  • promotion of sustainable behaviour from an environmental standpoint, through pay-per-use policies that grant discounts based on mileage.

The use of telematics provides the Company with Big Data on the mobility behaviour of people in aggregate and in a completely anonymous form (thus without any impact on customer privacy), which can be used in partnerships with public-sector players to promote sustainable city development models based on an innovative use of IoT. The 2019-2021 Strategic Plan sets out the Group's commitment to developing projects in this area.