Responsible Management

The Group’s commitment to sustainable management is primarily guaranteed by assigning the role of guidance and supervision to two Board Committees.

In keeping with this role of guidance and supervision, the holding company established an Ethics Committee, consisting exclusively of independent directors, and a Sustainability Committee overseen by the Chairman, which are responsible for advisory, proposal and approval functions.

In particular, the Ethics Committee, in synergy with the Ethics Officer appointed by the Board, has the task of promoting consistency between the principles of the Code of Ethics and corporate policies, having knowledge and understanding of the Code of Ethics, monitoring compliance with the Code of Ethics and overseeing the annual publication of the Ethics Report.

The Sustainability Committee contributes to the identification of sustainability strategies, verifies the monitoring of the same and shares and approves reporting tools.

The Sustainability Function, which reports to the Presidency, supports the company in the identification of development areas and objectives, also managing the inclusion of the CSR policy in business activities thanks to the support of around twenty sustainability representatives appointed in the main Group departments and companies.