Responsible Investments

The identification, understanding and management of ESG issues stems from the belief that these can affect both risk management and the generation of returns.

In light of this, the Group has defined an assessment method for individual investments based on ethical and sustainability criteria and objectives applied to 85% of assets managed, excluding OCR.

These are joined by “High Impact Investments”, with a special emphasis on real assets, which aim to address central sustainability issues such as renewable energy, poverty, health and risk prevention.

Within the Responsible Investment strategic framework, the Group focuses particularly on its real estate investment portfolio:

The Unipol Group also signed the Principles for Responsible Investment, undertaking to include social, environmental and governance criteria in the evaluation of investments. Through a combination of commitment, sharing best practices and learning, this Unite Nations initiative supports the Group in understanding the implications of responsible investments in the context of asset management. 

This focus is materialised in:

  • monitoring and improving the sustainability of existing properties;
  • real estate asset management that takes into account the repositioning of properties from a reputational and social inclusion perspective.