The Unipol Group is a participant in the Italian Action Plan for the implementation of the “European Pact for Youth”, a written commitment signed at the end of 2015 by CSR Europe and the European Commission that wishes to develop a partnership between enterprises and the education system to solidify the youth inclusion and employment, with the aim of establishing 10,000 quality enterprise-education partnerships across Europe by 2017.

Impronta Etica and Sodalitas, the two partner organizations of CSR Europe, alongside the Italian Ministry of Education, Universities and Research and Ministry of Labour, guide the development of the Italian Action Plan and coordinate the activities of participating companies.

Contribution by the 28 European Union countries for the implementation of the “European Pact For Youth” will be presented at the 1st European Enterprise-Education Summit scheduled for the end of 2017.

The promoters of the Pact share a common vision: to offer all young people the opportunity to develop the skills and expertise necessary for their professional future.

In Italy, the 40% youth unemployment rate is mainly the result of a structural issue: the misalignment between the educational and productive systems. It is therefore essential to promote partnerships between companies and the education system to support youth employment and placement.

As part of the Italian Action Plan, on 20 February Unipol will launch its U4YOUTH contest to select young university students for curricular internships at the main offices of the Group Companies and offer them the opportunity to integrate their university studies with a learning and training experience in a professional environment.

For more information read the Details of the Pact4Youth and the Regulations of the U4YOUTH contest (Italian version only).