In order to motivate people to take care of themselves, with a view to health and environmental prevention, Unipol Banca has decided to promote the app Fit Gain, which records all information on exercise (daily strolls, walking, jogging, cycling, etc.) and assigns users a score for their physical activity.

The project assigns points to users based on the number of calories consumed, thus taking account of the effort actually exerted during exercise and calculating the level of CO2 not emitted (for the equivalent mileage travelled by car). Users can check their average score on the app at any time in relation to the average of the Community (calories burned, CO2 savings), becoming aware of their contribution to protecting the environment and finding an incentive to do more.

Users are also motivated by the possibility to transform their scores into discounts on various websites, or decide to take advantage of discounts on products and services offered by Unipol Banca. This is the first step towards creating insurance and health products and services with pricing related to Customer behaviour (higher prevention = lower prices) not only to allow savings for more aware users, but also to encourage virtuous circle.