Unipol and Labsus: First Insurance in Italy for “Active Citizens”

LabsusUnipolSai Assicurazioni, together with Labsus - Laboratorio per la Sussidiarietà (Laboratory for Subsidiarity), has studied the first insurance policy in Italy for public administrations that want to protect citizens who devote part of their time to the care, regeneration, management and reuse of urban commons (gardens, squares, dismantled buildings, etc.) on a voluntary basis.

The policies are based on “Collaboration Agreements”, tools designed by Labsus, i.e. Regulations for the shared administration of the commons.

In the period of approximately three years since the adoption of the first Regulations (Bologna, February 2014), 118 Municipalities have adopted the text, carrying out care and shared management projects.

For further information, please visit http://www.labsus.org/i-nostri-progetti/assicurazione-cittadini-attivi-per-i-beni-comuni/