Social and Relational Capital

The capacity to engage, manage, control and help to grow the network of partners in the chain - who accompany the customer by providing solutions, not only compensation, for the damages suffered - is fundamental in the internalisation of the service model, which represents a distinctive element of Unipol’s business model. 2017 saw the extension of the networks, in particular, for the medical centres and medical booking services that provide support to the settlement of personal injury claims.

This validity of the model is confirmed in the results of the customer satisfaction and loyalty surveys. Amongst the elements that were most appreciated is recourse to telematics for settlements, which constitutes another element characterising the Unipol Group’s social and relational capital, making the process more objective and reliable while also speeding up timing, and therefore reducing any inconvenient delays.
The NPS customer satisfaction index was positive once again in 2017, though slightly lower than in 2016. Promoters exceeded detractors by 10 points and confirm the growing importance of correct claims handling support, a trend that is obvious both in the MV TPL market as a whole and in UnipolSai. In 2017, UnipolSai also constructed an internal NPS detection process that correlates the service provision processes with customer satisfaction. The model, designed to seek opportunities for internal improvement, is currently active on 17 processes with 21 points of contact with customers. After the involvement of 26 thousand customers, 14 improvement actions were identified and adopted, but above all a growing attention to what the customer has to say in order to optimise processes and procedures. Reputation amongst customers was also confirmed as good, at 73.2.

The relational capital created is also growing within the market, with positive opinions from financial analysts: eight buy recommendations and two neutrals have been issued for Unipol shares. Of note among these in 2017 were the prestigious new coverage launched by J.P. Morgan, with a positive recommendation for Unipol and a neutral for UnipolSai. In 2017, there were no negative ratings.

Customer satisfaction surveys