Our way to the future

We are proud of belonging to a Group in which the diversity of our employees' backgrounds and the multiplicity of our voices are the present and future of our strength.

Unipol professions and professionists

A human-centric system

The mission of the Unipol Group, leader in the Italian insurance market, is to implement business management that is efficient, profitable and sustainable over time, based on the contribution and empowerment of the professional skills of its collaborators, with the aim of creating value for all stakeholders.

We are proud to be part of a Group in which the variety of our professional backgrounds and the diversity of our voices form the present and future of our strength. 

We want to listen to and value our people in an inclusive environment, supporting their growth and development through choices based on merit; for this reason we ensure investment in training and continuous updating geared to the specific characteristics of each function.

The professional opportunities on offer range from the insurance core business to the banking sector, from real estate to the hotel and agri-food industries, with a constant focus on social, technological and product innovation.