Transactions with Associated Parties

A procedure for transparency and fairness governing transactions with associated parties in the banking sector.

The Procedure for the management of transactions with Associated Parties of the Unipol Banking Group (the “Procedure”), prepared by Unipol Gruppo S.p.A., in its capacity as parent company of the Unipol Banking Group (the “Banking Group”), in accordance with the provisions set forth under Section V, Chapter 5 of the Bank of Italy Circular No. 263 of 27 December 2006 - 9th update of 12 December 2011 on “Risk activities and conflicts of interest with Associated Parties” (the “Supervisory Regulations”), was approved by the Board of Directors of Unipol Gruppo - with the favorable opinion of the Committee of Independent Directors - on 14 June 2018, becoming effective as of 2 August 2018.

The objective of the Procedure is to define - pursuant to the Supervisory Regulations and also taking account of the overall structure of the Unipol Gruppo and the role as Parent Company of the Insurance Group, as well as the Banking Group, - rules, procedures and principles aimed at ensuring the transparency and the substantive and procedural fairness of transactions with Associated Parties carried out by companies belonging to the Banking Group.