ENEA MAZZOLI | 1 August 1927 - 9 August 2019

Friday, August 9, 2019

ENEA MAZZOLI, former Chairman and CEO of Unipol since 1979 and Honorary Chairman of the Group since 1996, sadly passed away today. He will be fondly remembered by his loved ones and by those who appreciated his profound human qualities and keen interest in economic and social issues.

Born in Argelato (BO) on 1 August 1927, a graduate in economic sciences and business administration, he took part in the reconstruction of the democratic life of his country and of the provincial district of Bologna as a young socialist leader after collaborating with the Resistance movement.

In 1952, he joined the Governing Council of Lega Nazionale delle Cooperative e Mutue (Italian National Federation of Cooperatives) before becoming a member of the Board of Directors of Unipol in 1974. From the outset, his life and efforts were strongly marked by the cooperative values, combined with great attention to the entrepreneurial and managerial field. Back in 1971, Enea Mazzoli once said, “In our opinion, any self-respecting cooperator must think big while working long and hard on the small, everyday problems.”

On 18 July 1979, he took the office of Chairman and CEO of Unipol, to later become its Honorary Chairman from 1996 to present: 40 years of persevering managerial and social commitment.

Together with Cinzio Zambelli, Enea Mazzoli guided the company to listing on the stock exchange. 28 July 1986 is the day the Unipol shares were first listed on the Milan Stock Exchange. It was far more than a success: it was a triumph. Demand was nearly eighteen times the number of shares offered and available, and from ITL 6,800, the placement price reached ITL 16,900 in a few hours.

Enea Mazzoli showed great and lasting international commitment to the European and World federations of mutual insurers of which Unipol is a member (ICMIF, ACME, EURESA). Thanks to its specific identity, Unipol offered a model to the European social economy, strongly supporting the international code of ethics and social reporting by members.

He authored numerous publications, articles on business economics, essays, reports relating to the cooperative movement, or to political, corporate, economic and administrative issues, some of which translated into Spanish, English and French.

The Unipol Community owes a great deal to Chairman Mazzoli and will remember his abiding thought with affection and admiration: “Unipol demonstrates that is it possible to do business focusing strategy on customer and consumer service, and the common good of the communities and the businesses reached”.