Culturability 2019

Friday, May 10, 2019 - 12:50



Coming up at the BASE cultural centre in Milan next 14 May, the annual culturability event, a programme promoted by Fondazione Unipolis to support innovative cultural projects with a high social impact that renovate and reactivate empty buildings and former industrial sites that have been abandoned and forgotten. An afternoon to reflect on and discuss about contemporary spaces that experiment with ways of creating and enjoying culture, focusing on social cohesion and cooperation, building flexible, open, and inclusive communities.

Culture, places, communities: this will be the topic for discussion with visionaries, designers and scholars. The meeting will open with a speech by Indy Johar, an English architect and co-founder of OO (, with which he opened the co-working Impact Hub in Westminster and Birmingham. Johar has conducted numerous experiments and research projects on civic collaborative economy, is the advisor of the Earth Security Initiative and non-executive director of Wikihouse Foundation. He has recently co-founded Dark Matter, a field laboratory to redesign and guide the infrastructure of our cities towards a more democratic and distributed transition.

Afterwards, representatives of the projects selected in the last edition of culturability will be talking about their experiences and the idea of shared culture that they are creating in renovated spaces thanks to the support of Fondazione Unipolis: ConMe - Convento Meridiano from Cerreto Sannita (Benevento), Da grande sarò un teatro! from San Vito dei Normanni (Brindisi), Fare Scuola from Modena, Imbarchino from Turin, LANDWORKS PLUS in-segnare il paesaggio from Sassari, and Spazio Franco from Palermo.

Their stories will be a source of inspiration and up for discussion at the final round table where Renato Quaglia - General Director of Fondazione FOQUS, Pierluigi Stefanini - Chairman of the Unipol Group and Fondazione Unipolis, Esmeralda Valente of the MiBAC (Italian Ministry of Cultural Heritage) General Department for Contemporary Art and Architecture and Urban Peripheries, and Flaviano Zandonai of Gruppo Cooperativo CGM will be participating. The event will be coordinated by Marisa Parmigiani, Director of Fondazione Unipolis, and Roberta Franceschinelli, Head of the culturability programme.